software update makes real time relevance visible!

Nowadays, we rely on powerful and inspirational encounters to create value. Encounters that are not just limited to your friends or colleagues, but extend to everyone connected. With S2M you can augment the reality of your physical location with a real-time and place-based virtual dashboard that shows everyone virtually “present” at any given time. We all want to collaborate. So we seek out places to make valuable connections: our offices, coworking places, cafes – even public buildings. But often, these are large, silent environments. We don’t know what goes on between the many walls of these buildings. Who are the people inside? How many are they? What is their knowledge and experience? How can I reach them to collaborate?

Already three years ago S2M started experimenting in this field. Two years ago we launched the first beta project, the Serendipity Machine. A year later this was renamed and rebuild into Connect. Today we think we are ready for the next and most important step: integrate everything into So as of today S2M Connect, doesn’t exist anymore. We all know serendipity is the most important value of S2M. That serendipity is now real time visible on the homepage under ‘People Present’ and at your location page under ‘activities’. We bring you a completely new experience of as we integrated the locations and the real time software into one.

Why are we doing  this? Ten years ago we never would have imagined sharing goods and services on such a large scale as we do today. Clients, users, patients, visitors, and students have become an emancipated and empowered crowd, bigger than the biggest multinational in the world, an organization not to be missed! Disruptive initiatives are popping up everywhere and it is clear that only those that adapt will survive. How does your company stay relevant if more and more people get what they want from each other instead of a company? You want your organization to be part of this new economy. You want to tap into that powerful crowd. You want your organization to keep its relevance in this fast pacing world. Right?

Thats why we are doing this!

What are the new parts you can find on the website?
As with all pioneers, nothing will go easily. We know we ask a lot of your skills to adapt to these changes all the time. We are constantly recalibrating the way we see the world around us, our society and the future of this society. As things are going very fast nowadays. With these changes we want to keep S2M at the frontline of these developments. So at this moment we take the first step by integrating everything together into S2M. No more different brand names, one spot which will be future proof. The thin line between making a booking and checking in disappears as well. Making a booking will be as simple as checking in with the new mobile applications for iPhone and Android as well. We expect to release them within two months! Your location page will be enriched with the real time activities on your spot and we are expecting to give the TV screen a fresh update as well. The updated version will be launched soon, for know you can still use the old one.

So what does this new update bring you? disappears and changes into Now stands for that real time feeling where you can see people present popping up on a map. You can see relevant locations and find people nearby. Next to that you can see all people present and dive into the recently asked questions. A location will get an activities page which replaces the old connect page. On this page people are matched to each other if they booked a workplace (checked in into your location). They can ask questions to a relevant group of users which are automatically matched by our intelligent algorithms. Talking about them, we have changed and upgraded a lot of things in this algorithm as well!

Users also have two new pages in their personal dashboard, My messages and My questions. They give you an overview of (not surprisingly) your messages and meeting requests and of the questions you have asked. Below you see a lot of screenshots representing my story above, please note that some of them are filled with dummy data. As of today you can watch the real pages and functionalities on! We are very happy with all these updates and realize at the same time that changes always gives questions and sometimes problems. Please use the feedback button for any problems found and contact me directly if you have any questions!


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